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Zaza Pachulia on last year's All-Star Voting

Q. The All-Star voting started today. The votes from your own country of Georgia gave you the eighth-most votes in the entire league last year. Are you somewhat disappointed that the All-Star voting system changed last year, or does the support from your home country outweigh the disappointment?

ZAZA PACHULIA: Thanks for asking me that question because honestly, first of all, I had no idea that All-Star voting started today. When it comes to disappointment, actually I'm proud of whatever happened. Most of my fans, being honest, are from Georgia, Georgia votes. People have been voting for me a lot. We made the league change the rules, so this is the proudest moment for me. And just being realistic, I'm not an All-Star-caliber player. I couldn't care less about those things, but it makes me proud and happy and something we can all be proud of that the league changed the rule because of us. Again, the most important thing is that the love and support I've been getting from the fans. It's not easy to get, talking about more than 1.5 million votes and to be one of the top players in the league to get this many votes. It's pretty cool. It's fun for me. This is how I look at it. It's not about being an All-Star. It's all about the love and support I've been getting without me asking one single time to vote for me. It's all naturally just happening itself. I'm just enjoying the process. I don't know what's going to happen this year. My job is to play and to get healthy right now and to represent the Warriors in a professional way on the court.


David West on his former team, The San Antonio Spurs

Q. Over the last season with the Warriors dominating in the West and Cleveland dominating in the East, and now with great teams like the Celtics and OKC, does this change in the way that the Spurs are not your biggest opponent anymore?

DAVID WEST: No, I think in terms of the West, I think San Antonio is always a mountain to climb because they've got such great pedigree and have been consistently good for a very long time. Houston has made some changes and they're playing probably the best basketball in the league. So we know it's going to be difficult. We know that teams have geared up and have changed some. Obviously, Boston has gotten better in the East; Cleveland is who they are. We're going to have to get better, and that's what we've been doing. We're a little banged up right now in terms of health, but guys are going, guys are developing. Guys who probably wouldn't be playing as much right now are playing because of the injuries, but it's going to help us in the long run. We went through a similar stretch like this last year when KD went down, and I thought we were better for it. I think we're on that same trail in terms of our team just growing and getting better, figuring out what lineups work and who works well together, because ultimately we're going to have to get through a tough, tough Western Conference playoff.


Klay Thompson on facing the Rockets

Q. You and the Rockets have really been neck-andneck for the top seed so far this season, and their success has been because of their backcourt with James Harden and Chris Paul. Talk about how difficult it is to guard both of them individually and maybe pick which is the easier assignment among the two.

KLAY THOMPSON: Well, the Rockets are playing phenomenal this year. I mean, they're in first place right now, so it's unfamiliar for us to be behind them, but it pushes us to get even better. And Chris Paul and James Harden, I mean, it's one of the best if not the best backcourt in the game right now just because they're such great playmakers. They both can shoot the ball. They don't really have any weaknesses. It's always a fun matchup when me and Steph get to go against them because we can measure ourselves as players against the best. They beat us the first time [on opening night], and we're looking forward to that game in a few weeks because we owe them some revenge.


Steve Kerr on aiming for the 4th consecutive Finals appearance

Q. You guys are aiming to make your fourth straight Finals, but the team is pretty banged up right now. What's been the biggest problem you've been facing just trying to win games and trying to be consistent and maintaining good habits?

STEVE KERR: Well, I think we've done a good job. We're winning games and dealing with the injuries, and that's what you have to do when you've been to The Finals a few years in a row. It's just going to be more difficult. I felt that as a player in Chicago way back in the '90s. Year three was much more difficult than year one, and that's what we're facing now, just the wear and tear of the journey. As long as we can win games while guys are out, we're confident that they're going to actually be healthy and will be ready to go for the playoffs. This is all sort of expected in many ways, and we're dealing with it the best we can.