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BTV Power Rankings: Top 10 teams that can make an impact in the postseason!

With weeks away from The Playoffs, these teams are looking to solidify their name in the contention! Here are the Top 10 teams that could really make a run in the postseason!


Washington Wizards

10. Washington Wizards

Even without their All-Star Point Guard, John Wall, the Washington Wizards are doing great against contenders. With Bradley Beal leading the way, they've beaten playoff teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks! Now that John Wall is back and ready, plus the improve play of Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre Jr., they could really make a big run come postseason.


San Antonio Spurs

9. San Antonio Spurs

Even without star Kawhi Leonard, which is out for most of the season; the Spurs are surprisingly in the playoff contention. The Gregg Popovich-led team are surging their way and getting ready to make a deep run in the playoffs– thanks to their All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge. They are currently in the mix of the Western Conference Playoff standing. However, sources are telling us that Kawhi won’t come back in the line-up anytime soon. With his absence, can the Spurs retain their firepower in the Playoffs?


New Orleans Pelicans

8. New Orleans Pelicans

And here we thought that the season-ending injury of DeMarcus Cousins could spell end to the hopes and dreams of the Pelicans. Luckily, Anthony Davis was there to save the day, posting career-highs after career-highs just to save the Pelicans from their impending doom. Can AD continue to carry the team on his shoulders and make a deep run in the playoffs?


Jimmy Butler Karl Anthony Towns Minnesota Timberwolves

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

We could safely say that after a 13-year misery, the Minnesota Timberwolves are back in the Playoffs. They've made big off-season moves by getting All-Star Jimmy Butler via trade, signing Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson, honing young guns like Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. Can their current line-up run deep and get the Western Conference Trophy for the first time?


Portland Trail Blazers Lillard McCollum

6. Portland Trail Blazers

With the dynamic backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum and big man Jusuf Nurkic; the Portland Trailblazers are making a good run after the All-Star Weekend. Now getting the home court advantage, can the Trailblazers continue their hot streak and avenge their early exit from last year’s Playoffs?


Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Let's face it, their current standing is not what we expected. During the season, they had the potential to form an 'unstoppable' line-up, with D-Rose and Wade at the backcourt, Crowder, James and Love at the Frontcourt. However, for some reason, things didn't turn out the way they planned. They made some trades here and there, gaining IT for a couple of games and then trading him away for young talents. Now, weeks from the postseason, with nothing less than a Championship expected, could the Cleveland Cavaliers lead by Lebron James get their stuff together and return to the NBA Finals for the 4th straight year?


Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving

4. Boston Celtics

This team is known for rising from a downfall. Opening night, with high hopes of finally dethroning the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Eastern Conference kings, they had an unimaginable casualty. Their newly signed star, Gordon Hayward, suffered a season ending injury. It was tragic, but the Celtics had to move on. Here comes the rookie, Jayson Tatum. He may not be a star yet, but he is certainly filling up the hole that Hayward left, posting 13.3 PPG, 47.3 FG% and 43.3 3PT%. And now, weeks before the postseason, they are one of the top teams in the East, with the dreams of returning in the NBA Finals. Can the well-rounded Celtics climb the ladder all the way to the NBA Finals?


Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan

3. Toronto Raptors

The team from the North is making a statement. We certainly did not expect them to be this high in the rankings. But with the star power of DeRozan and Lowry, we knew that they have a chance to make it to the big league and finally make a deep run in the playoffs. However, for the past few years, LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers are always finding the formula to stop them. Charles Barkley recently said that the Raptors are going to be the Eastern Conference Champions. Is this finally the year that they could get their revenge?


Golden State Warriors Steph Curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Draymond Green

2. Golden State Warriors

The 2017 NBA Champions are the heavy favorites to win it all in the Playoffs. We all know what to expect from the 4 All Stars plus vets like Andre Iguodala, David West and Zaza Pachulia. They’ve upgraded their bench with the additions of Nick Young, Omri Casspi and rookie Jordan Bell so expect the Warriors to make a deep run again in the Playoffs. Will the Warriors dominate the Playoffs again and achieve their 3rd title in 4 years?


Houston Rockets James Harden

1. Houston Rockets

With the signing of Chris Paul, the Rockets' hopes of getting that coveted gold is clearer than ever. Chemistry of Paul and the top candidate for MVP, James Harden is not an issue as they mesh beautifully on the court. With a lineup built around to defeat the Golden State Warriors; could they level up their game further and reach the NBA Finals?


Notable teams that aren't in the list: Philadelphia 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz and LA Clippers.

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