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Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics: No. 1 Overall Pick on NBA Draft Lottery

Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics (Owner)

No. 1 Overall Pick

Winning Combination: 7-1-9-10


Q. [from ESPN broadcast] The No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, competing in the Eastern Conference Finals and now the No. 1 pick. How would you describe the state of the franchise right now?

Grousbeck: This is pretty good. It’s a good time to be a Celtics fan. I wish the draft were today; we could get a little help for tomorrow night. But this is a great night. We really appreciate it.


Q: How important was it that you guys had the courage to part with guys who helped you win a championship to make this day possible?

Grousbeck: If felt like it was time. It felt like it was time to make the trade. We didn’t want to do it. I’m very sentimental about those guys. Those guys are Hall of Famers and champions. But it was time to start rebuilding four years ago, and now we’re starting to see some benefits.


Q: What were your feelings like as it was unfolding?

Grousbeck: I was looking to see who jumped and I saw that I think Sacramento jumped and that might push us back. I was really gutting out the fourth pick. When he announced the fourth card I knew we were OK, in the top three, and then it was a blur after that.


Q: What does this mean for the franchise? You’ve had nights in the lottery where it hasn’t worked out.

Grousbeck: I’ll tell you what, it feels pretty good. There are a bunch of good guys in the draft. Picks one through four would have been OK, but it’s nice to have number one.


Q: How does it feel to be in this position and still be playing?

Grousbeck: It’s busy. Game last night, Game 7 against a tough Washington team. We give a lot of credit to them. Game tomorrow night against a tough Cleveland team. Now we squeeze the lottery in and win the pick. I don’t know what’s happening here. It’s pretty amazing.


Q: What are your initial thoughts on what to do with the pick?

Grousbeck: We’ve got plenty of time to decide what to do, but I would imagine we would probably make the pick. In today’s NBA, picks are very valuable. You have a young person that you can really help mold and grow with. Bring him in before the max salaries kick in. It makes a lot of sense to keep these picks.


Q: That trade with the Nets started a lot smaller than it eventually became. Has it far exceeded anything you could have expected?

Grousbeck: I think at the time that trade looked like the right thing to do for both sides. You have to give credit to Brooklyn for going for it and putting together a contending team. Now it’s our turn. We had to wait four years and now it’s our turn to get some benefits.


Q: You have two terrific guards already and the top of the draft is considered guard heavy. Will you be tempted to maybe trade the pick?

Grousbeck: We’re just not ready to talk about what we might do. This has only just happened. We’ll be looking hard at everything with Danny [Ainge] leading the show. He’s a great general manager and I’m really glad to have him with the Celtics.